Earth is now part of the Galactic Confederation. This means that the transition is in its final moments.

In the higher dimensions, this is already done, but here in the earth's crust and in the lower orbits, there is still a lot of dust derived from the demolition of the old energies, that is, from the dissolution of the third dimension and also from the fourth dimension which is the The last clue still remains of the old earth.

Everything is accelerating now, mainly in this month of December, since on the solstice of 21-12 there will be a planetary alignment, whose enhanced energy will activate the definitive entry of the Age of Aquarius.

Remembering that this does not happen exactly in one day, and this is the reason why many expect shocking events and nothing is extraordinary, which can cause some disappointment in some.

Just to get an idea, the Age of Aquarius began in 2012, when the Earth and the entire Solar System definitely entered the energy band of the Photon Belt.

The increase in the light of this strip coming from the Galactic Central Sun, has brought a significant increase in gamma energies, which has provided the changes in the last 8 years.

Now this light is definitely impacted with the Earth and it is also the reason for all the chaos that can be seen. In fact, he was always there, but in low light nothing could be seen.

A planetary transition is an extraordinary event, not only for the planet and its solar system, but for the entire galaxy.

And the Earth Transition is of even greater importance because it is the last planet that still had Third Dimensional vibrations in these confines of the Milky Way.

It is already known that the planetary transition takes more or less 300 years to complete. Since it started around 1750, we are coming to an end. Without a doubt, we are living at the peak now, since the last century is the most important. And within this century, the period 2012 to 2037 will include the 25 most impressive years in terms of changes.

It is when the final cleansing of the Spirits that are not yet ready to inherit a World of Regeneration will take place.

Within these 25 years, everything will converge to the final definitions, exactly now, between 2020 and 2025. I wrote about a year ago, a text that warned because now the ship would rock. The fragment is very turbulent, since the troubled waters of the great changes are taking place. But you have to trust, because we are all very protected.

Nobody is going to go through what they don't have to go through.

This sacolejo is to awaken the last sleepers among those who will inherit the New Earth.
The exchange of the Spirits of the Earth began around 1950.

Many do not understand how it is going to be, or better, it is being.

I am not going to mention the clover entities that are not part of the Earth Spirits here.

These receive another treatment that has already been done.

I will speak here only of the 35 billion spirits that are part of the planetary house, whether incarnated or disincarnated, who passed through the wheel of successive incarnations.

The incarnated are those who live here in matter, obviously.

The discarnate are those who inhabit the Spiritual Colonies of the Fourth Dimension, after passing through the death of the physical body.

Many spirits have made their ascent before, and most remained in the Spirit Colonies on Earth, rendering aid to the disembodied who needed to return to matter.

Some eventually incarnated on mission here in the crust. And others, as they already possessed 5D consciousness, were able to go to other Fifth Dimensional Orbs.

In the last 100 years, the entire Earth, including the Spiritual Colonies, is being emptied of everything that is not in an energetic alignment compatible with the 5 D. Those who are incarnated have the last chance to amend, that is, adjust to higher consciousness and with it, have the vibration compatible with the New Earth.

Upon disincarnation, the Spirit that is not in that vibration, will no longer be taken to the Spiritual Colonies of the Earth, but to ships that will take it to a World still of Trials and Atonements.

Those who were in the Spirit Colonies and who no longer had the conditions to ascend in just one incarnation, were already taken as well.

The cleaning of the lower astral, that is, of the thresholds of the earth, has already been done. They are still there, only those who are incarnating, and who are spirits who have already conquered the right to inherit the New Earth.

So this makes it easier to understand how the exchange of the Earth Spirits takes place. Both here and in the Spirit Colonies, the disinherited do not return. Of the 35 billion Spirits in total of 3D and 4D, about 4.5 billion Spirits will continue on Earth 5D.

That total includes the incarnates who are now ascending, those who have already ascended but were in service in the Spirit Colonies, and a minority of Spirits who have already ascended and who had moved to other 5D Worlds but who now prefer to return to the Earth, because the vibrations will be the same.

The creator's plan is just wonderful!

Although the world of duality is somewhat painful for those who look with their physical eyes, it is truly a unique experience for the spirits who have set out to experience it. Even those who were unable to reach the higher vibrations that will send them on the way back home, still have every possible and imaginable opportunity.

Finally, it is good that an important detail is known: most humans will still disincarnate. It's the end of the earth spirit exchange process

Those who are ready to inherit the New Earth, return later, that is, in the next few years. Those who are not ready no longer pass through the Spiritual Colonies; They will go to the Ships, where they will be assisted, consoled and encouraged as they will know that their destination will no longer be Earth, at least for a long time.

When the last disinherited is disembodied, no one else will have to go through the death of the physical body. The return of those who still remained in the Spiritual Colonies will probably end as well. Then we will have the end of the spiritual cleansing of the Earth.

All this will take place at the latest until 2050. Meanwhile, all the other fronts are being worked so that the land transition is also completed more or less within this same period.

Yes there will be a period of adjustment, but within a new normal, where all the hardest events have taken place. Recalling once again that between 2020 and 2025, we will see most of them happen.

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is clarification.