Mandatory masks in public places, fines for spitting: India issues revised Covid-19 guidelines as PM Modi extends lockdown


The Indian government has updated its rules for combatting Covid-19 after the nationwide quarantine was extended to May 3 as the infection continues to spread across the country.

All Indians must wear masks or other face covers in public places and at work, the Hindu reported, citing an order from the government issued on Wednesday. The police will continue to enforce the nationwide quarantine as people can be fined for spitting at each other.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had earlier extended the lockdown until May 3. Shopping malls, cinemas, gyms, bars and restaurants remain closed, as do all other establishments providing non-essential services.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has limited the number of people allowed to travel by car for "emergency services" to a driver and one passenger in the backseat. All mass gatherings are banned, including gatherings for religious services.

The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the country had grown to 11,439 people on Wednesday, with the death toll reaching 377.