Never mind the HUMVEES! Maryland National Guard reassures residents there’s no martial law threat amid virus panic


Concern over the presence of military vehicles in residential areas of Maryland has apparently prompted the state’s national guard to tweet out a reminder that it is there to help fight Covid-19 – not to impose martial law.

The Maryland National Guard (MDNG) reassured all state residents on Saturday that, contrary to any nefarious rumors that may have been spreading, the force has been deployed to “deliver much needed supplies” and to perform other humanitarian duties.

“To our neighbors, there is not a threat of martial law. If you see a MDNG Humvee on your street, know we are helping someone in need!” the Guard tweeted.

The message comes a day after Newsweek, citing senior military officials, reported that the Pentagon was mulling a larger role in the nation’s response to coronavirus. The outlet claims that the deployment of federal troops in “support roles” is already being prepared.

Last week, rumors on social media began spreading about the US government imposing an imminent nationwide lockdown – a tall tale that was officially denied by the National Security Council.

Some countries have begun to rely on their militaries to help cope with the virus. In Italy, more than 100 soldiers were deployed across Lombardy to ensure that residents were adhering to strict lockdown measures.