Donald Trump Acquitted In Senate Impeachment Trial


President Trump has been acquitted by the Senate on both articles of impeachment, ensuring that he will not be removed from office after he was impeached by House Democrats.


Trump was acquitted on the charge of abuse of power by a vote of 52-48. On the second article of impeachment for obstruction of Congress, Trump was acquitted by a margin of 53-47.


We can't wait to see if the House rolls out a third article, after House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said "I think it's likely" that former National Security Adviser John Bolton will be subpoenaed for testimony in the Ukraine saga. 

In short:

But, as Politico eloquently and ominously pointed out, Trump’s acquittal marked the end of a remarkable chapter of presidential scandal that only accelerated and accentuated Trump’s grip on a Republican Party establishment he once scorned. But it appears likely to bleed into another phase, as House Democrats vow to continue their myriad ongoing probes targeting the president.

However, the impeachment saga served primarily to accelerate an already-dysfunctional Congress’ slide into permanent political warfare.

Update (1700ET): The responses have begun on Twitter.
First President Trump trolled the entire liberal establishment...

Minority Leader McCarthy added:

Then Hillary decided to have her say, attacking Republican Senators...

And Kid Rock is pleased...

Watch the vote as it happened below:

Earlier Wednesday, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) broke ranks with his party and said he would vote to convict President Trump on one impeachment charge of abuse of power, calling Trump's conduct with Ukraine an "appalling abuse of public trust."

Romney's decision reportedly surprised colleagues, many of whom expected him to vote to acquit after two other fence-sitting Republicans (Collins and Murkowski) announced they would oppose the articles of impeachment.