Deep State Takedown News: December 13th to 15th 2019

BJ Has The Backing For The BREXIT, Trump’s Economy Gains Strength – Episode 2045a

Obama Sends Message, Flynn Exactly [30], [GS] Makes His Move – Episode 2045b

Top 10 Weird News (12/13) – Edge of Wonder Live #36

Air Force Secretary Considers Declassifying Secret Space Programs

[12.13] Helluva Week Recap: IG Report – Impeachment – Greta – Vaccines – SPACE FORCE!

AWK Dec. 14 News: Republicans fight back hard against [DS] puppets. IG report exposes DEM liars!

RPN Saturday Night Livestream – Justen Faull – Higher Entities & the Collins Elite

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, December 14, 2019, #227

12.15.19 – Q Posts Hint Major Reveals.

Patriots Use WTO Ruling To Put Pressure On EU, [CB] System Targeted – Episode 2046a

The Call To Declas, Smear Campaign Alert, United We Stand – Episode 2046b

NIST WTC7, Cashless Greece, Pig Monkey – New World Next Week

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