2019-07-05: The dust of confrontations is settling.

Cobra's first update in 6 weeks clarifies the intensity of the past period; in so many words he is saying that Earth moved along the edge of the abyss of planetary annihilation but a very dangerous layer of plasma anomaly with toplet bombs was cleared by the light forces and risks are now more manageable. What is now being cleared are the unmanifested primary anomaly potentials, in other words all higherdimensional energies that are not in line with Source and the Divine Plan, and the plasmatic Chimera spiders at the top of the dark food chain.
US president Donald Trump made a lot of references in his 4th of July Independence Day speech to the original and traditional values on which the Republic of the United States of America was founded. He elaborately lauded the historical achievements of the US armed forces in what I consider a declaration of intent to jointly weed all the deep state elements from the offices of public power, or drain the swamp to use his own words. When you read between the lines this is what he is saying in his speech.
I missed the Total Solar Eclipse mass meditation of July 2, but on July 16 there is a new mass meditation at the occasion of the Lunar Eclipse.

Source: xekleidoma.info