US Supreme Court “Death Blow” To Leftists Nears As Trump Issues “Kill Order” Against Tech Giants

by Sorcha Faal

A compelling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting that Washington has not yet officially proposed to organize a meeting between President Putin and President Trump at the upcoming G-20 Summit in Japan later this month, states that this is an expected occurrence as an already convulsing United States is about to be shaken even further to its core—with the greatest blow expected to come this week via a US Supreme Court ruling in the Gundy v. United States case that will deal a “Death Blow” to the leftist administrative state (aka “Deep State”)—and Trump himself “Declaring War” on his nation’s Silicon Valley tech giants—the ferocity of which was just displayed a few hours ago when Google watched as its YouTube, Gmail and Snapchat services, along with Facebook and its Instagram service, were suddenly taken down—and whose cause of has now been traced to Trump having authorized a “test” of his country’s “Internet Kill Switch”. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, President Trump, since taking power in January-2017, has been in continuous battle with what is known as the “administrative state”—otherwise known as the “Deep State” that comprises an ever spiraling out of control unelected bureaucracy forced upon the Executive Branch of the US Government by the Legislative Branch seeking to gain powers not granted to it by the US Constitution.

Two times in the 1930’s, this report details, the Judicial Branch of the US Government came to the aid of the Executive Branch fighting against Legislative Branch overreach—the first in the case Panama Refining Co. v. Ryan and the second in the case A.L.A. Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States—both of which saw the US Supreme Court, in 1935, ruling that it was unconstitutional for the Legislative Branch to give up its lawmaking and regulative powers to the Executive Branch—in other words, they told the US Congress to go back to work and make their own laws and regulations.

Both of these US Supreme Court rulings, however, this report notes, came up against the powerful Democrat Party President Franklin D. Roosevelt who was actively colluding with the Legislative Branch to transfer its constitutional duties and powers illegally to the Executive Branch—and after these two 1935 rulings telling the US Congress to get back to work, then saw Roosevelt threatening to pack the US Supreme Court with enough leftist judges to get the rulings he wanted—which, of course, saw the US Supreme Court backing down, and in the over 80-years since, has seen conservative and liberal justices alike deferring to the division of labor that these two branches of government agreed to—and the US Constitution be damned.

For the first time in over 80-years, though, this report continues, President Trump is making a first in history direct assault upon the “administrative state”—and whose weapons are the US Supreme Court cases Gundy v. United States and American Institute for International Steel, Inc. v. United States—the first of which involves a law dealing with convicted sex offenders, and the second being against Trump’s authority to level tariffs—but both of which deal with Article 1, Section 1 of the US Constitution that vests the US Congress with “all legislative powers”—a power that is unalienable, meaning the US Congress can’t decide to let courts or Executive Branch agencies make law.

Wielding these Trump weapons in the US Supreme Court to destroy the “administrative state”, this report explains, are his two appointed US Supreme Court Associate Justices—the first being Justice Neil Gorsuch, who has long held that the US Congress can’t give up its lawmaking power to the Executive Branch—and the second Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who in a ruling when he was a lower court judge, slammed the “administrative state” and wrote “Congress’s failure to enact general climate change legislation does not license an agency to take matters into its own hands”—and whose consequence of the Politico News Service has warned about in their article titled “How a Sex Offender's Case Before the Supreme Court Could Bring Down the Administrative State” by their stating:

A post-Gundy nation may be one in which Congress faces even higher hurdles than those it already faces.

Instead of merely having to get a majority of the House, a filibuster-proof Senate majority, a veto-empowered president and aggressive courts on board, lawmakers may have to spell out in excruciating detail how agencies have to do their jobs.

Imagine already overwhelmed lawmakers having to micromanage thousands of scientists and financial regulators in between constituent services and fundraising.

Not a recipe for success.

At the same time President Trump is waging this battle to the death against the leftist “administrative state”, this report further notes, he has now “declared all-out war” against the leftist high tech overlords of Silicon Valley, too—with Google being warned to “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid” as loyal Trump forces in the US Department of Justice target them for destruction—Facebook being warned by Trump’s loyal forces that its faces up to $5 billion in fines—and global internet sales giant Amazon being warned it has now come under heightened scrutiny from Trump’s anti-trust regulators, too.

Any of these Silicon Valley tech giant overlords doubting President Trump’s power and resolve to bring them down, this report states, just got a “warning wake up call” earlier today when all of their websites and services suddenly stopped working—to include thousands of users of Google’s Nest services who found themselves locked out of their own homes—an outage that is now looking to be the largest in history—and that experts the world over are now confirming was caused by the use of the “Internet Kill Switch” only Trump is authorized to activate.

While now battling against both the “administrative state” and Silicon Valley overlords, this report points out, President Trump continues waging war against the leftist “fake news” media, too—who, in the past 24-hours alone, have made lying claims to upend Trump foreign policy about Russian military forces in Venezuela and comically saying North Korea was executing its nuclear arms negotiators, as well as their publically “naming and shaming” a young black Trump supporter because he posted a funny video mocking Democrat Partyleader Nancy Pelosi—a self appointed right these leftist lunatic journalists have given to themselves as best exampled by The Washington Post having just smugly declared “the best journalists in the United States are in many ways more elite and more cosmopolitan than the American public in general”.

For all of those supposed “elite smarts” making them far superior than the American people, this report concludes, it remains a fact that these leftist journalists are still failing to comprehend the 2001 case titled United States v. Microsoft Corp.—which, unlike the tech giants now being targeted for destruction, created the situation today that sees Microsoft working directly with President Trump on a system called ElectionGuard charged with protecting all of the votes cast in the 2020 US Presidential Election (that includes members in the US Congress)—but whose total funding for is being paid to Microsoft is coming from a “private” company named Galoiswhose only investors are the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the Office of Naval Research (ONR)—thus bringing to mind Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin’s infamous quote “the people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do”—and leaving one to wonder how much Trump likes his military forces, and if they like him back—or will they support the leftist socialist forces trying to bring him down, and destroy America in the process of doing so, too?