Mass Oppression by U.S. Government Agency Threatens to Kill Burning Man

While you might think of Burning Man as the greatest festival on Earth, it’s actually an epicenter of consciousness where 70,000 people from all walks of life gather to build Black Rock City in the harsh desert. For one week each year, Black Rock City becomes one of the biggest cities in Nevada, USA, with its own airport, hospital, and post office. Currently, it is the largest “leave no trace” event in the world.

It is essential to understand that Burning Man only exists because people from all over the globe choose to participate year after year, and in fact, expert staff and thousands of dedicated volunteers have successfully built every facet of Black Rock City for decades.

Now, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management threatens to change all that!

As proposed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the U.S. federal government wants to replace Burning Man’s staff and volunteers with federal agents who will oversee and manage areas of Black Rock City’s operations.

Furthermore, as a condition of entry into the section of public land where Burning Man is held each year, all 70,000 attendees must submit to an unwarranted search for drugs and weapons – without probable cause!

The proposed level of government surveillance and involvement in operations is both unprecedented and unwarranted.

If these regulations are allowed to go into place, Burning Man will inevitably face death by oppression!

While this represents civil rights issues in the U.S., what happens now with Burning Man will inevitably impact the world!
Why is Burning Man So Important to the World?

As a global event, Burning Man is a consciousness raising experience, and for many, Burning Man is a place for healing and awakening – often resulting in complete transformation.

Society teaches people of all ages to suppress expression and hide who they really are, and because we are encouraged to rely on various social systems, self-reliance is discouraged. Consequently, the combination of these dynamics perpetuate individual and collective disempowerment. Moreover, if we look carefully, we can trace every world issue back to disempowerment.

No doubt, there are few places in the world where people can express who they really are while also learning about self-responsibility.

Since 1991, Burning Man, located in Black Rock City, Nevada, has been one of those exceptional places.

As a place for self-exploration and radical self-expression, Burning Man not only invites participants to be self-expressed and self-reliant members of the community, it demands it!

And this is why I began taking my sons to Burning Man in 2015, and why we’ve been returning as a family every year since. Since Burning Man offers them a safe place to explore who they really are, they have discovered the freedom to express their authentic selves while taking responsibility for their lives.

Since radical self-expression and self-reliance leads to both self-empowerment and an expanded sense of consciousness, my children return home each year significantly more empowered, confident and secure in who they are….and this ripples out to their friends and communities.

As they represent the rule rather than the exception, when most Burning Man participants return to their respective homes, the ripple effect is exponential, and this means that the awakening of individual consciousness at Burning Man leads to the awakening of collective consciousness around the world....