A Power Surge: Astrology Forecast April 14th – 21st, 2019

There is a huge influx-an evolutionary Wave- of karmic interweaving of 5D deep space energy this week and beyond – just look at the aspects to the Galactic Centre and the Great Attractor above. The week begins with the Sun conjunct Eris at odds with Pluto -this is the first of 5 Eris/Pluto Squares between now and 2021-much more about this to come in my Facebook posts this week. It occurs once every 500 years and will intensify the birth pangs of the new zeitgeist between now and 2030- increasing division, separation and chaos -think the Tower of Babel -in order to eventually seed greater integration between groups and religions.

Friday’s 2nd Libra Full Moon across the master degrees of 29 Libra/Aries forms a Grand Cardinal Cross to Pluto/South Node of Fate/Saturn and the Node of Fate. The Sun is conjunct volatile Uranus and the Moon conjunct Haumea-the archetype of epochal events. Expect a huge power surge – at both its lowest and highest levels of expression- collectively and personally but be careful not to let it blow your energy grid wide open.

Against all appearances, in 2019 – 2020 you are being handed the biggest get-out -of -jail free, cosmic pass of your entire life. What to do with it, that’s the question. Find answers and strategies in my May 5D Report:” Pure Gold in the Chaos” – in the eye of this perfect storm, there is enormous personal freedom, liberation, power and leverage to be tapped. Sign up to have it delivered to your mailbox:www.hareinthemoonastrology.co.uk

This is a time of pure karma and pure possibility as the old, the atrophied and the akashic dross is eliminated, when the Universal Law of Gravity makes itself felt. But first you need the Will and desire to make radical permanent changes instead of tinkering at the edges. An old life is going dark. These are new magnetics and new encodements. Before anything else, your physicality needs grounding as it the vector for your enlightenment – literally “taking in more light”.
Chandra Symbol for Full Moon LIBRA 30°

A black rooster

“Invoking the power of the soul’s journey through all of the worlds. Poised at the brink of every conceivable possibility. But lingering over the darkness–that which is not yet complete, that which still must be encompassed. Being the veteran path finder who discovers yet again how much more there is than anybody has yet to admit. And being the astute observer who delights in the baffling complexity, the unresolvable open-ended nature of it all. Committed to coming up with hidden elements and making sure that they find their place, but not dwelt upon, because here comes the next and then the next. The journey itself is the point and each juncture is the destination”.

Aries Weekly Forecast: April 14-21, 2019

As an Aries, once again, you are right in the cross hairs of some potent astrology. The Sun now at the master degree of your sign is at odds with reality planets Saturn and Pluto and merged with disruptor Eris. On Friday, there is a second Full Moon right across your axis of relationships, self and other. Between the 15-20th, expect emotional highs and lows as permanent endings and beginnings -a long time in the making -change your personal landscape. If you can, frame it as a long overdue spring clean of outgrown partnerships or alliances. How you see yourself versus how others see you is the issue now. Ask yourself:” Are my relationships keeping pace with who I am today?” and look at your habitual dynamics-are you overly co-dependent or overly independent? Time to rebalance.
Insights and revelations.

Taurus Weekly Forecast: April 14-21, 2019

Take heart! After three weeks of low energy with depleted solar batteries, finally the Sun returns to your own sign to mark the start of your personal New Year. And expect it to kick off in style as Friday’s doozy of a Full Moon activates planet of fireworks, Uranus also in Taurus. This is when you’ll start to experience what hosting the Awakener in your sign for the next 7 years really means. It’s a wake up call that comes whether you like it or not through your old life being turned upside down and inside out by circumstances beyond your control. Instead of hiding your head in the sand, collaborate by deliberately throwing a spanner into your most stuck habits and routines; by attracting new people, new ideas and new encounters into your life. Luck is created when you’re willing to take risks, follow your hunches and take every opportunity to expand your world.
Restlessness is a good sign.

Gemini Weekly Forecast: April 14-21, 2019

Friday’s doozy of a Full Moon activates your zone of alliances, friendships and priorities. It is bringing permanent endings which contain the seeds of new beginnings, even if they are not yet visible to you. Expect a changing of the guard in your people landscape as old friendships disappear-some will wither, others will happen because of a sudden change in circumstances. Instead of thinking of it as a loss, realise that it is a necessary part of your evolution over the next two years, where the vector is in the direction of far greater freedom, autonomy and independence. Focus on leaving behind anyone who drains your energy and spending more time with those who light your spirit.
Moving on.

Cancer Weekly Forecast: April 14-21, 2019

Just like Aries, you are right in the cross hairs of some very potent astrology. All four angles of your chart-your psychological and emotional foundations-are being activated/woken up by Friday’s doozy of a Full Moon -the 2nd in Libra in a month. So there’s a message here – if you didn’t make adjustments a month ago, they are likely to arrive from the outside. Under pressure are your relationships, your career, how and where you live and your sense of identity-all tightly interwoven. Take a fresh look at the most personal aspects of your life-how you parent yourself and how you align your purpose with what you do in the world. Have you had an overly rosy romantic view of what home and family means? How do you become more realistic without losing your need for connection?
Seeing what is, not what you’d like it be.

Leo Weekly Forecast: April 14-21, 2019

On Sunday 21st, the Sun makes his annual crossing of your Midheaven-the very pinnacle of your chart-beginning a new cycle of life direction, purpose and career. Just days earlier-on Friday 19th-a doozy of a Full Moon zaps your angle of new horizons and expansion. So, instead of sitting back and hoping for something to happen, make it an absolute priority to upgrade your knowledge base by enrolling in further study or by travelling to meet new people and opening your mind to much bigger possibilities. The greater your interpersonal skills of rapport building and cooperation, the more options you will have. Be at cause, not at effect and if you’ve been realising for some time that your ladder is up against the wrong wall, now is the time to do something about it. This potent astrology is all about permanent endings and clearing away what you’ve outgrown and outlived.
Walking your talk.

Virgo Weekly Forecast: April 14-21, 2019

The clear message from Friday’s rare second Full Moon across Libra and Aries is that you need the Will and desire to make radical permanent changes instead of just tinkering around the edges. The huge power surge can either blow your energy system apart or you can collaborate with it by making long overdue changes, particularly to your income, assets and resources. Your money is important. How are you managing yours? Are you in debt to another? Are you underestimating, undervaluing your skills? If the prospect of confidence and believing in yourself enough to make a financial move stirs up fear for you, investigate why. It may ask you to take a leap of faith. Key words for you now: your income, talents / gifts /skills/resources you have that can support you, movable possessions, where you derive your security, your ability to survive and feel safe in the world.
Building more solid foundations.